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The Hylander Student Investment Fund (HSIF) is managed by a select team of students in the School of Business. The goal is to learn about managing a financial portfolio, with a particular emphasis on obtaining a good return without taking on unreasonable risk. The performance of the fund is measured against a blend of stocks (70% in the Russell 3000 Index) and bonds (30% in the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Index). The fund was created through a founding gift of $200,000 from a UCR Business alumnus and has done well since the first trade in October 2019. 

Members of the HSIF meet on Monday evenings at 8 pm to present stock recommendations and  analyze existing investments. Providing experiential learning through managing the portfolio bolsters students’ career prospects and helps expand the network of UCR finance alumni. 

The HSIF portfolio came out of efforts by the Hylander Financial Group (HFG) to manage real money. HFG had participated in a portfolio management competition held by the CFA Society of Orange County and students felt that the experience would be different if they could move beyond a paper portfolio. Many HSIF team members are active in HFG, which meets on Monday at 7 pm. Both meetings are currently being held via zoom. HFG is open to all students on campus regardless of major.

The HSIF team has both undergraduate and graduate finance students who have met the academic requirements. For undergraduates who are majoring in business, the team not only requires a concentration in finance but successful completion of BUS 136. Graduate students in the MBA and Professional MBA  (PMBA) programs who have a concentration in finance are also eligible for the team, as well as Master of Finance (MFin) students.

The Hylander Student Investment Fund is supervised by faculty advisor Professor Jean Helwege and an advisory board comprised of financial professionals and officers of the UCR Foundation. 

To apply for the HSIF team, please fill out an application.



Ryan Whyte


“I definitely built a very strong foundation of skills including valuation and being able to talk at a high level on the public market and trends in equities, which is important for any career in finance.”


Ryan Whyte
BS Business Administration (Finance) '20


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